Hi I'm Shannon! I'm 21 years old and recently graduated from college and moved to Ft Lauderdale, Florida where I live with my boyfriend right on the beach. I'm working on maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle while getting leaner, fitter, and stronger by lifting heavy weights and eating mostly high-protein, lower-carb and averaging 2500-3000 calories per day. 5'8, 142 lbs, 38-25-28, size 2-4. Check out my other blog as well for more health and fitness related posts: http://livingwellthebestrevenge.wordpress.com/
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Yesterday I really wanted to eat lunch at Aruba, a nearby beachfront restaurant, so I could have their “Strawberry Fields” salad with blackened chicken, which I am obsessed with. But we didn’t get up until 3:30pm and my boyfriend had to work at 5 so there wasn’t time. At first I was really upset (hello PMS!) but then I realized I could probably recreate it myself and save some money too!

I bought a container of mixed spinach and argula; added strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, feta cheese, and pre-cooked grilled chicken strips (which I heated in the microwave); and tossed it in lime juice. Then I brought the container down to the beach with me to eat! 

This salad was delicious and very easy to put together! The precooked chicken strips are a good choice if you don’t have an oven, and tossing the salad right in the spinach container saves on cleanup and makes it easily portable. It would be a good meal for someone living in a dorm room!

Quick pre-bed snack for some extra protein to help balance out all that fro-yo! Layered chicken breast, mushrooms, tomato, and feta cheese. The chicken breast was precooked so I just microwaved it. PS I accidentally froze my avocado :(

After 3 meals in a row of peanut butter I was ready for some lean protein and veggies back in my life! Two small chicken breasts with oven-roasted onion, bell pepper, tomato, and mushrooms…plus jalopenos and hot sauce on top cause that’s how I roll :)

Stir-fried chicken, bell pepper, onion, and avocado!

Finally made it to the gym around 10:45pm, so at least the day wasn’t a TOTAL wash. Did my standard arm workout:

  • Bench press: 75 lbs: 8x1, 80 lbs: 8x1, 85 lbs: 6x3 (clearly not my best!)
  • Dumbbell flyes: 30 lb dumbbells: 8x5
  • Chest press: 35 lb dumbbells: 8x5
  • Weighted bench dips: 10 lb weight: 8x5
  • Lateral raises: 15lb dumbbells: 8x5
  • Bicep curls: 20 lb dumbbells: 8x5

I’m not sure what was up with my bench press…normally I can rep 85 lbs no problem, do about six reps at 90, and one or two reps at 95lbs, but today I couldn’t even do full sets of 8 at 85lbs. I thought I was just having an off day due my less than ideal eating/drinking/sleeping over the past two days, but every other lift felt great. Plus this marks the first time I’ve been able to do a full 5 sets of 8 with 15lb dumbbells for lateral raises and 20lb dumbbells for bicep curls (up from 10lbs for raises and 15lbs for curls). Which is pretty awesome because it’s taken me a YEAR to get there! If you think about it, going from 15 to 20 lbs is a 33% increase, and 10 to 15 is a 50% increase—that’s a lot! And it’s hard to make that progress when the dumbbells at my gym only come in 5 lb increments. So feeling good about that!

After the gym closed at 12, I went to a take-out pizza place which was the only restaurant open and got this grilled chicken salad:

Nothing fancy…just grilled chicken, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onion, and hot yellow peppers. Plus they gave me lime juice on the side in lieu of dressing. I know iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value and yada yada and it’s rarely my first choice, but that doesn’t stop me from eating it—it’s still just lettuce, not potato chips. Not sure if I’ll end up eating it actually because it’s getting pretty late, but I just wanted to have it on hand incase I was hungry—if I don’t finish it now I’ll have it for lunch tomorrow; probably will add some nuts and maybe more chicken!

But stuff like this is why eating chicken makes my life 50x easier (just started eating chicken in November after 9 years as a seafood-only vegetarian). You can go to pretty much any establishment that sells food whether it’s McDonalds or five star gourmet, and odds are good there will be grilled chicken in some form. I mean, this was a pizza place but I was still able to walk out with a salad, not pizza. A year ago my options would have been just a plain garden salad, aka spending six bucks on approximately 30 calories worth of vegetables with zero protein, or actually getting pizza aka about 700 calories and minimal nutritional value. It’s just so much easier to eat healthier now that I eat chicken again.

Now I’m off to do a load of laundry and clean my room before going to bed…so at least I’ll have gotten SOMETHING besides the gym crossed off my list even though the homework was a no-go. Good thing I don’t have class til 12:30 tomorrow :)