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For my last night in Maryland, I went to dinner with my aunt, uncle, and parents at my favorite restaurant in the world: Cheesecake Factory! 

I know that makes me sound totally lame. But I just love it. I love their brown bread, I love the herb-crusted salmon salad that I get every single time, and of course I love the cheesecake. The combination of those three things just works so well and makes me feel full in the best way possible. (I actually told my mom, “My tummy is smiling.” Because, you know, I’m four.)

So obviously I got the salmon salad:

And the 5 of us split chocolate mousse and key lime cheesecake. (We all agreed key lime won):

I wore jeans today for the first time since April and probably the last time until December, or whenever the heck it gets cold in Florida, if at all.

I got those platform sandals for $20 at Steve Madden last April but today was the first day I actually wore them…now I’m obsessed!! They weigh like 5 pounds so I have to wear them on the plane tomorrow. I’m probably going to look like a hoochy-mama. Don’t worry I’ll take pictures.

Now I’m going to bed. I’m leaving for the airport around 12ish tomorrow. If I get up early enough I’m going to take apart my desk with a wrench, doesn’t that sound fun? I’m not being sarcastic, I seriously want to do it so I can see what my room likes like without it before I leave.


PS I’ve eaten like 1/2 a pan of Ghiradelli brownies in the last 24 hours. Sorry I’m not sorry. They are just too good!